Is custom duty paid on orders?

Hello, I placed an emo order in Turkey last November. But then I had to cancel it. Because the dollar rose a lot in Turkey. The dollar still continues to rise. Because of the economic crisis.
Now, I want to order again. But do they pay the customs tax? Sites like aliexpress do this. I need to know for sure. Because I don’t want to pay high taxes due to the changing dollar rate when the cargo arrives. Customs duty in Turkey is up to 30% of the ordered product.

You can refer to this thread in which people are sharing their experience :slight_smile:

The short answer to your question is NO.

Some countries make you pay tax when it arrives and before it is delivered to you. I live in Australian and all I had to do is pay for my EMO + delivery and that was it. No tax payed for me when It was arrived.

As the other thread mentions some EU countries do make you pay tax, so you will need to check on your side and enquire to your local customs / post office to be sure.

In america i didnt get charged for customs just taxed 2 death.:laughing: