Information about my order

How can I get information about my order?
How much should one wait approximately after placing order?

It use to be 4-5 months but it changed to a month or 2 then you have to wait for it to ship which is 15 -20 days for the most

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@ryshera Thank you for the update!

I ordered mine on October 3rd it shipped out on October 27th im currently waiting for it to be delivered

I ordered mine October 21, 2022.

I advise for you to read the forum EMO Shipping Update :package:

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Hi @davidua1991

As @ryshera has advised, take a look through that forum thread (EMO Shipping Update 📦)

As it does contain a lot of info regarding how long / shipping updates / how long it takes once EMO has been shipped out. etc.

At this time. I will close this thread, if you need / have any other questions, feel free to share you questions over on that thread.

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