I just wanted to let the Living AI team know

ᴛⷮhͪaͣnᴋⷦ Yoͦuͧ Vͮeͤrͬy Mⷨuͧcͨhͪ!

No seriously, I love this update!
I knew you guys would not let us down.
I’m so grateful for what this update brings.

Not only did you listen and give us a choice to use the schedule, but at tge same time you ad some very nice extras.

You guys are great!


Technical support team is also fantastic as well.
Thanks for the lovely update Lai.
Special thanks to Wayne_Zhang.


Yes, it is very good to have the option to turn off / on EMOs schedule when you want to, and how its also been updated a little bit as well.

The new features are great! the Poses and Magic tricks are very cool! – Wait until EMO gets sick, that is also interesting and fun :slight_smile:

:surprised: :head: :skating: :mad: :mad: