How to shut EMO off manually

My EMO was not connecting to my wi-fi so the App wasn’t finding him (very frustrating) So I did so research and found a video that shows you how to shut EMO down manually…



Here is another video on how to power him off EMO.

Normally what I do is cover all his top sensors the two at the front and the 4 in the back, flip him upside down and he’ll shut down in less than 10 seconds.

Sometimes his headphones do get in the way, so you could take them before doing this so it makes it even easier as you can just simply place EMO upside down in the palm of your hand and he’ll power down without too much trouble.

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…easy and fast for me is just doing voice commands.

,EMO! (wait for his reply)…SHUTDOWN/POWER OFF!

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Yes that is the most preferred way, but I believe in this case if I’m not mistaken, @vtb208 (Vicki) wasn’t able to do that or use the EMO as EMO was not responding to voice commands and the EMO app wasn’t working right.