How to...? Few questions about EMO

Dear all,

I have received my EMO today, it is really cute and nice, I really like it but I am having some problems.

  1. EMO do not response to voice commands (it just make a “beep” sound) but nothing else.

  2. How can I turn of my EMO?

I hope you can help me.

Thank you in avance.

  1. regarding “beep” - could you record a short video?
  2. I say to mine “Emo, power off”

In addition to nr.1 - is it beep or something like “o-ow”? If yes, I got the same behaviour some time ago - I shaked it and it helped.


Thank you very much.

Here you can see the noose that EMO makes.

Hi! Yes, I had (well, my Emo had)) exactly the same thing. It lasted for some days - As I wrote, earlier - I’ve read here somewhere in a topic, that shaking him can help - it helped me sometimes, sometimes not. And such behaviour just dissapeared after couple of days.

Hello @pebotrobotics,
it doesn’t seem to respond properly to the “EMO” command at the moment, have you installed the latest update yet?

But try as already written that with the shaking and more often to say “EMO” until he reacts.

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Thank you very much!!! It is working!!

I really like this little - cute robot


Glad to hear it’s working now, have fun with EMO, we’d love to hear your feedback & ideas. :slight_smile:

I will close this post now. :happy: