How do I know if Emo is charging?

Hey, my emo arrived after a very long wait. how do I know if he’s charging, put the skateboard on the power and emo with the right foot on the power symbol but nothing lights up

The charging coil is in EMO’s left foot, the right foot has no charging coil.

Exactly, it shows you an animation when it starts loading.

I’ve tried both. Nothing goes

Nothing is displayed, everything is dead

that makes me very sad.

Both isnt working

Have you tried resetting using the reset button on the top at the rear?

Hold the button in for 2 to 3 seconds and then try him on the board again.

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Was on the Nintendo charging cable, found another one, it is on and charging


Glad to hear apparently too little wattage, so after the problem is solved the post is closed. :happy:

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