Hoping to get more information about EMO's programming

I am loving my Emo and I want to know more about him. I am a programmer, budding AI enthusiast and robot tinkerer so I am really interested in some of the details of how EMO actually works.
There are lots of amazing details given on the main website that hint at the capabilities of EMO but they don’t really go into detail or give specifics. Is there any chance we could get some in depth article about EMO’s AI and what its technically capable of?

Here are some quotes from the website that I would love to get expanded information on!

“Built-in Neural Network Processor and AI Models, making EMO smart enough for meaningful human interactions”

“His built-in Neural Network Processor and AI Processing Models, process large amounts of images, sound and sensor data continuously, making him smart enough for meaningful human interactions.”

“Emo’s self-learning system enables him understand the world around him and get familiar with you and the environment”

“Emo makes decisions on his own and his personality evolves based on his surroundings and your interactions”

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