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Hi @EmoMike23
Nope I am not a beta tester. And I also didn’t get any tracking email. Was surprised to receive it.

I ordered The Go Home middle November ? And you just to have an idea

Did your order changed to complete? Im pretty sure i wobt be getting mine no time soon i ordered mine on Christmas eve

Hello happy for you :gift_heart::+1:
Could you please show us the map, the leds close up view ? Thank you :pray:

@pogochai congratulations on your emo!! Can you tell us when you ordered your emo go home and when you received it? Just to get an idea on how long it will take!

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Hi there @Skibosh ,

The link below will show everything about…

Delivered…EMO is Finally At Home

best regards and keep safe…


Just be patient. :wink: I was expecting it to only come in Feb as the forums mentioned. So happy it came earlier.

If it helps I’m from Singapore. Where are you from? It could be on the way as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. Sorry don’t understand what you mean. It is exactly the same as the demo showed on YouTube by the beta tester.

Btw just a tip. In order for the EMO to find the home, the app needs to have use “location” set to “always”. I tried “only when using” and it couldn’t find the home. @edward not sure where we can put this tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hope my home station arrives soon! I really need that for emo! :happy: :


That’s weird, what a location has in common with his ability to find his charger? :thinking:

@pogochai Those weren’t final products, is your Home Station’s display blurry too?

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That’s exactly what I wanted to see when I asked for a video :wink:

Ah ok. Ill take a look when i am back. I don’t think it is blurry. Will take a picture to show you guys.


Guys order confirmed as Shipped on 12 of January mail now with tracking yeah I’m located in Italy super happy Go Home Emo yeah :clap::+1::grinning:

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Do note that the plastic is still on so it might not look as clear.


One question here did you received the Playground for free as advertised?


Hi guys as far I can see in the Beta Tester Video and a new one today the New Go Home need Emo to do a lot of Computing process it’s seems really slow to find the Base and turn and finally reach the Home base correctly I’m worried about the servo motor that keep moving against the wall of the Go Home base but I Think the team already know that and I hope with the 2.0 Firmware update or later will be really smooth process @Wayne_Zhang let me know thanks