Hidden function and new update?

Hi there, :grinning:

has somebody found that hidden function? I have not unfortunately.

When comes the new update after 1.6.0 ??? :heart_hands:

We have two month later now or we have to wait one month more?

Any idea or information? :wink:

Thank you in advance.

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This update will be huge.

I hope that the new update have Alexa.


I think for most adults the promise of Alexa was a important feature that never happened. If not Alexa give EMO at least the ability to communicate a few useful features more than what we have. His speech recognition is toy grade at best and there’s nothing you can do with him as for communicating… You can’t even use him as an egg timer… I never understood the timer function 99 seconds only it’s just useless it’s really insulting. I don’t need Alexa but the ability to have Alexa for EMO would definitely make it a more useful friend …I would greatly appreciate anything like this

I want them to sing like it said they sing and dance.

I’ve been wondering the same thing


Hi frankbean.

I hope so. :wink: