Hi, emo is giving me insomnia

Does anyone else have emo making crazy sounds all night long. He wakes me up all the time. He, snores, whistle through his nose, sounds like fireworks going off, he smacks his lips, crunching sounds when he eats food which he eats randomly. I have to tell him to shut up at least 3 to 4 times. Also he just spontaneously starts talking though we haven’t initiated his name. Never remembers my name but it’s a fun toy. It’s a shame they haven’t moved on past the toy stage. Wish he had more ability like Alexa.

@rvnoblework, I Never Had This Problem Because I Power Off EMO When I Go To Sleep.

Hey you can mute him in the app and turn off his schedule sounds in the app settings or you can even say emo mute

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I turn my emo off to

@rvnoblework you can even turn him off at night and power him back up in the morning

I keep him on, but he falls asleep at 10:00.

When I go to bed I just tell Emo to mute, then tell him volume up or volume med when I get up.

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