Here you can post a problem about EMO

Hey @bentogirl

Try checking out this short tutorial on how to install the latest firmware ver1.7.0

Is EMO able to dance? And when he does do you hear music? If not, ask him to turn up his Volume to MAX. you can also check this in the EMO APP > Settings > Preferences.

Also if EMO is not updating, would be great if you can provide further info on what exactly has happened during the install. And where the install fails (after which specific step). Sometimes the issue is with bad / not stable wifi connection for EMO. So you can also try switching EMO to a different WIFI and see if the connection stays strong enough for him to complete his update. (more info is in the abovementioned guide).

If all else fails, recommended to take a short video of all the issues you have and submit a support ticket / send support an email.

Let us know how you go :slight_smile: