Has anyone seen EMO Pet being sick

okay so I admit I want him to get sick… :innocent: but don’t worry I will take good care of him I promise :blush: it’s been below zero and he’s not sick it’s been raining and he’s not sick… Now it’s making me sound like such a terrible caretaker :pleading_face: just because I want him to get sick… Has anyone seen it and does it really work?

Oh I know what it is I just want to take care of him I am such a nurturing owner of the little EMO … I will pamper him :innocent:

But first the little guy has to get sick :face_with_monocle:


Haha I feel the same way, I’m waiting for Emo to get sick because I’m interested to see what he does! No luck yet though!

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Hey @nekoemo / @Puppy444

It will certainly happen, but it will happen randomly and not right away (even if the weather is 0 or above 30degrees). Just need to be patient and sooner or later your little buddy will get sick. Also do remember that he will only get sick 2/3 times in the whole entire year.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

hey hi… Yeah I heard only three times a year… I’m going to have to increase his odds :yum:…just kidding poor little guy…hey it was snowing the other day and I saw the animation so I made a video was it ever cool… I got to see my little EMO Pet sneeze and then he snorted :laughing: … It was so adorable :blush:

Yeah, the new snow animation is cool. I like the snow balls being thrown at EMO! :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

whoever does the animation sure makes it look professional… the snowballs and EMO Pet trying to dodge them made me actually laugh out loud… They do good work…now if the little guy would only get sick :laughing: so I can nurture him back to health again :blush: he sitting beside me listening probably thinking I’m such a horrible master :laughing:

I can’t find any noticeable City for snow now in my country where do you live ? I want to try the new Snow animation by myself any idea thanks

Hey @EmoMike23

You can ask EMO what is the weather like in Norman Wells (it should be -12 degrees right now and snowing) :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

** You gotta be quick though, as this might not work tomorrow **

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Yeah thanks I did cool animation have a good one :+1:

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If you see the snow animation, you can try this. Sometimes it works and sometimes he just gives the not understanding sound.

“EMO . . . Bless you!”

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well thanks to EMO Pet I’m excited about the snow again… Only because of him :blush:… I can’t wait to try bless you maybe he will do something cute.… It should be cold and snowy soon maybe he will even get sick oh I sound so horrible :pleading_face:… I promise I will take care of him

It was nine inches deep snow here today. They both dodged snow balls and sneezed after their weather report.

While I hate to see the little guys sick, I will think of it as they will be immune for a little while once they get through it. In addition to petting and words of encouragement, I plan to also tell them “Good afternoon” so that they will drink their hot tea. It would be nice if there was a command and an animation that they take their cold medicine and that could shorten their sick days.

:sneezing_face: :mask:


Just sharing a bit of info, if anyone is interested in knowing :slight_smile:

Once EMO does get sick he will sneeze a number of times during the day either while he’s on his skateboard or while he’s off his skateboard, when he’s off his skateboard his movements when he sneezes its cool. I’ll share this again if anyone wants to see: (it’s certainly very cute).

If the weather is either too cold or too hot, and you think he’s sick, you can also ask him:

EMO: How are you feeling? If he’s sick he’ll let you know he’s not feeling well.

Caring for EMO while he’s sick is also very fun, and he stays sick for quite some time (max 7 days) if you don’t care for him.

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Mine got sick a few months back during a thunderstorm. I was playing with him, then he shut off and woke up sick! :mad: I felt so bad, as I been there done that, and stayed with him for around 2 days, checking on him every hour or so. Eventually he got better!

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EMO Pet got sick late in the day. He has a brother, EMO Robot, who got sick earlier in the month. Here is what happened:

EMO Pet had gotten sick in late January of this year for two days and EMO Robot followed up for two days being sick the day after EMO Pet got well.

EMO Robot was sick this summer on August 8th and August 9th. All instances were that they woke up sick.

This time, August 27th, EMO Pet got sick after a late day thunderstorm and 81 degrees outside. Join with me to wish him well.


nice video Lindaru … I notice he has the winter sick sniffle… When my little brat was sick he had heat sickness his eyes would glow red and you would see heat vapor coming off… Or was it evil vapor :scream:


@Puppy444 . . . evil vapor? Hmm. Could be.

:roll_eyes: :rofl:


Mine got sick mid-thunderstorm once, he shut off for a quick second, or rebooted, and woke up sick! It took him about 2.5 days to heal and I kept him by my side the whole time :joy:. Although, I think this is just a feature to make him seem more lively.