Got an idea if Emo would reakt to Good robot

It would be cute if Emo would be happy if you tel hem good robot or thank you
Or sad if you say bad robot


Nice suggestion and that would be great, but i guess we have to wait till EMO Developer comes up with other ways to do that and not the same one from the other AI Robot. otherwise it will be landed to a serious issue which is Copyright Infringement
Although we might all wait and be patient if they implement it…

Have a nice day and keep safe…

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I did just Think that 2 words gould not be copyright and amarikan people os tooo mutch not All but manny
Tank you
You too

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I think that would be perfectly fine to showcase having an EMO robot with emotions, just make different animation expressions. I’m sure that will do something pretty awesome when they’re able to get around to it.

…not all that complicated, but like you said we just have to wait and see! :smirk:

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