General Updates and Delivery Process

Hey all,

I’ve been watching Emo for quite a bit now, and I am really hoping @LivingAI is bringing something incredible to the market with Emo. But they are a new startup still, and with so many people wondering where updates are and wondering why the process is moving so slow, I’m starting to worry a bit. Maybe I missed a post or something.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we need more people on here and maybe the LivingAI socials just telling the people what’s going on, whether it’s about an update or a delay. I think some of the testers (not sure that’s the right word) have been on here doing pretty well at helping people with different things and just giving them more information when it seemed like LivingAI maybe just wasn’t around to.

That being said, over $300 later I at least need the delivery process page updated a bit more.
I am willing to help, for free, whatever that may look like. I’m sure others are as well. I understand LivingAI as a lot going on, but at least say that and work with the people some more.



True if an apple a day keep the doctor away then an update a week keep the buyers awake


with respect to updates… they’ve delivered one per month since May… the one they were hoping to deliver in August is a few days late, and should be here soon, so I’d not worry too much about delayed update on that front as I know they are working to iron out some issues that us community testers found.