Future Proof, and updates in case of bankruptcy

Exactly :clap: @Wayne_Small

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Whats a break out box?

Just a little warning, air on the side of caution. :laughing: Do your research :pray:

Living AI showing more progress than (another robot company) in my opinion.


I had been, that was the proverbial straw on the camels back. (BTW, was that some kind of threat?)

No, just dont want you 2 lose your money and not have a robot and go through with what I and a lot of people r going through with ddl. Im noticing people starting 2 complain about not getting refund on their 2.0 from ddl or its taking forever to get it. I waited almost a year and a half for deivery when i decided 2 pull the plug, and i have a feeling after DDL posted that FCC crap there gonna go bust on 2.0 (2.0 not even in production and fcc complience takes months) all this after we were told of a NEW ship date gonna start on feb 14th 2022.) and loose a lot of business and possibly go bankrupt like anki did with the orginal V. Also you might want check out Superdan tech on u tube. Hope this helps with your decision. :blush:


Please sign this petition if you have been impacted monetarily by Digital Dream Labs from Vector Unleashed not getting the updates agreed upon, your lifetime licence quit working, and they ignore you, you have a lifetime licence and were charged a year of coverage, you didn’t get your Escape Pod, you didn’t get a completed OSKR. For pre-sales, you didn’t get Vector 2.0/Cozmo 2.0/Butter Robot, you did get Vector 2.0, but he’s defective, and they ignore support or refund requests, you asked for a refund or support and were blocked on their official Facebook group and ignored by email. https://chng.it/8BBdrFXGsX


Hello, it’s been more than 2 months since I regularly ask for the cancellation of my order for Vector 2.0. Never any replies from DDL, they seem to literally ignore my emails. It’s a real bunch of scammers.
What to do?


When i had the same problem i have massaged Zecred on reddit. ( https://www.reddit.com/user/Zecred/ )
In 1 or 2 weeks i had my money back.
Hope that this helps you.

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Guys - this is now turning discussion into a DDL/Vector issue - that is outside the control of Living AI. I’m going to close off this thread. If you want to have discussions like this, then please join the Independent Vector Owners group - Independent Vector Owners | Facebook where I’m also the moderator - it would be better suited there.