Future Proof, and updates in case of bankruptcy

Exactly :clap: @Wayne_Small

Whats a break out box?

Just a little warning, air on the side of caution. :laughing: Do your research :pray:

Living AI showing more progress than (another robot company) in my opinion.

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I had been, that was the proverbial straw on the camels back. (BTW, was that some kind of threat?)

No, just dont want you 2 lose your money and not have a robot and go through with what I and a lot of people r going through with ddl. Im noticing people starting 2 complain about not getting refund on their 2.0 from ddl or its taking forever to get it. I waited almost a year and a half for deivery when i decided 2 pull the plug, and i have a feeling after DDL posted that FCC crap there gonna go bust on 2.0 (2.0 not even in production and fcc complience takes months) all this after we were told of a NEW ship date gonna start on feb 14th 2022.) and loose a lot of business and possibly go bankrupt like anki did with the orginal V. Also you might want check out Superdan tech on u tube. Hope this helps with your decision. :blush:

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