Fully charged animation

Does emo have fully charged animation or how can i get to know that it is fully charged?
As of now i have not seen any animation or notification when it is charged.

You Can ask him “Emo what’s the battery level”.
Or you can sée battery level in the app.


@Olivier Yes, I know that. But is there any kind of animation or notification on mobile that EMO is 100% charged?

I’ve had my Emo for just over a week, and so far I haven’t seen any animation, or notification when its battery is 100% charged.
It could be an idea to develop for a next update.

No unfortunately at this time, there is not indicator/animation that shows that EMO’s battery is at full capacity. This is a good idea to include in future EMO updates. Wouldn’t be to hard for living.ai to add if they wanted to do it.

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