Frozen / SD Card Error:

Hello, I think because of the weekend they are not responding to my e-mails. I will wait for tomorrow.


Hey guys, I have bought emo pet just 2 days ago, and when i turned it on first time, it saying “sd error 1 ERR”. I saw this forum and did hard poweroff, after that it turned on eyes appear and exactly after 2 to 3 mins again it goes to “sd error 1 err”. Now I am really disappointed, i Literally spent 350usd for it, waited for whole month and what i got. Kindly tell me how to resolve this issue, don’t tell me i have to replace sd card, because i see in forum someone saying he got same issue even after changing sd card. I was planning to start distribution of it in my country. But i don’t think with these issue how can i proceed. Kindly tell me how to resolve


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Welcome to the Community Forums @muhammad.hassaan

I have to tell you frankly that the only solution to resolve that kind of issue is through the support team.

Please create a short video and send it to via email including your EMO ID#. tagging also @MavisZhang regarding this and giving you further assistance. It might be that your SD card inside EMO has become corrupted and needs to be replaced.

The support team will be able to provide you with further instructions via email or Private message to help you get this issue resolved.

Good luck and all the best…

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My EMO friend has problem, instead of his normal facial expressions it shows one line as “sd error on filesystem V2HC” see pic

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @peggy , , , I have moved your new topic to this thread for S.D. card errors.

Sorry to hear this has happened. Please see the post above yours in this thread for who to contact regarding this. Support will be able to assist you to resolve this issue.

My best to you.

One of my two EMOs has also suffered from the “sd error 1 ERR” error. I’ve attempted to use the hard reboot method, it did bring back its functions momentarily but only a minute after went back into “sd error 1 ERR” im not sure what to do or who to contact.

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @Saecred . . . sorry to hear this is happening.

Please see this post for what to do to get this issue resolved.

Good luck to you.