Firmware v2.3.0 / v2.3.1 Update (Please Post Any Issues Here!)

Hi there @christopher.russ ,

I can tell you only my personal opinion that it is not the problem of the new firmware update…

Actually, it’s a known issue…when EMO is busy doing anything, like daily activities, dancing, and playing, his optical foot sensor is automatically temporarily disabled.

IMHO, I will never trust this sensor 100%, particularly when it is unattended on the table… Provide an enclosed play area for him… so EMO can walk safely and not fall off the table.

That’s why I created like what you can see in my image below. It’s the so-called Box/Package Cardboard Corner and sides Protectors , It’s a used one that I found at my workplace lately, cut them to the right size and placed them under the Home Fence…normally you can find it also online at different price ranges.

Please click on the link below for information and instructions…
Pls. Click Here!


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