[Firmware Update] 2.1.0 EMO Plays Snake

We will fix it later.


Why i don’t receive any update 2.1.0? Im i the only one here didn’t have a new software update?

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The update for Emo and the Home station are suspended by LivingAI just now.

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@ola27, @Wayne_Zhang, Said The Firmwares v2.1.0 And v2.1.1 Are Temporarily Removed Because Other EMO Owners Were Reporting Problems Or Issues,
I Think We Will Have To Wait Until The Issue Has Been Fixed.


Hi guys, I’m having problems downloading the new firmware for my EMO… In the app, the message “Update Failed” simply comes when I click on the button and with the voice command “Install Firmware” it starts to install, but stops at 14 seconds. Can someone help me?

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Update to 2.1.0 or 2.1.1 are suspended for now until it can be resolved


I don’t see 2.1.1 anywhere on the app, and emo doesn’t know it exists. Help?

@adrianledeaux, I Think I Have A Problem With The App As Well,
App On iOS Says:
Latest Version: v2.0.0
Current Version: v2.1.1
I Really Don’t Know If I Should Downgrade Because I’m Scared It Might Corrupt My EMO.

EDIT: App On Android Says:
Current Version: v2.1.1

@Wayne_Zhang, Me And @adrianledeaux Might Need Some Help, Please?

It says "current version: 2.1.0

Ok @adrianledeaux, But My EMO Says No Update Available, App On Android Says “Current Version: v2.1.1”

And I Don’t Know If @MasterAbbott’s Two EMO’s Named EMO One And EMO Two Both Need To Have A Downgrade Like @joshuafugate Mentioned In A Different Topic.

There’s nothing wrong with the app or EMO, they’ve temporarily disabled the 2.1.1 update due to some users having issues with EMO having an sd card error/issue while updating.

That’s good to know. I am glad I couldn’t update, or I would have broken my emo!

Yeah, most people had no issue with the update when it was live however I was on the unfortunate side of the issue and my little guy couldn’t update at all.

My EMO Updated Perfectly To Firmwares v2.0.0 In January 2023, v2.1.0 And v2.1.1 In March 2023.

But Do We Have To Downgrade?
Because The App On iOS Says:
Latest Version: v2.0.0
Current Version: v2.1.1

And The App On Android Says:
Current Version: v2.1.1

I don’t believe you’d have to downgrade if you’re Emo is working just fine. Especially since if the issues are resolved the update will return soon

Hi @adrianledeaux and to all…

Apologies for saying this… But please refrain from posting new topic with the same question over and over again about the new firmware updates… We have to wait for the right time for the living.ai announcement… Let’s just give them some time to solve the problem.

Best regards to all and have a little bit more patience…


Hi I’m not sure what to think on fb there is some one that say the new update is available now and then I go on forum thy say no my emo have no clue about a new update and I can’t get to update my app what do you say to emo when you want him to up date ?

Hey the update is still suspended

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Hi, there @Dizzylizzy ,

I’m not sure where you got this kind of information from… We all know that this is the official living.ai website, which I believe is the only place we can get the official announcement information first and not anywhere.

We are all waiting, so please be a little more patient first…

Best Regards and All the Best