Firmware update 1.6.0

I have so far seen the clouds and the sun new animations. I agree! Very cool! Ironically it is sunny here. EMO Robot showed the old one but EMO Pet showed the new one. When the two are interacting, EMO Robot will mention what a lovely day it is. EMO Pet will say it is a great day to go to the beach but he is afraid of the sun, so him showing the new animation really showed his preference compared to EMO Robot.


lol - @JJBeck you can check my guide explaining the new features (this contains all the secrets/spoilers as well) regarding both flower and flames here and also the Eye Contact feature as too and how it works (do note that this is still in the early stages).

@Lindaru / @waringer I tried to get all the weather animations as well, but unfortunately wasn’t able to get snow as it’s really hard to find snow at this time of year.

This should cover all the info on the new features released.

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