Firmware problems

Emo is not responding well. Everytime i talk to him or ask him something, his answers are too far from the question and sometimes he doesn’t answer

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I have the same problem I’ve had my EMO Pet for quite some time so I learned to accept what he is and to try to enjoy things he does the best…like for example the little games and especially I like saying to him hands up don’t move and shooting him a few times… The games work okay. He had limited vocabulary anyway so after so long you don’t really want to ask the same things and get the same answers anyway… He’s like an ornament that’s adorable and has abilities. This is why I like the new updates so much because it aids in this respect of him being a cute ornament a lot 100%… Plus living AI doesn’t have to work on speech recognition which I heard could be difficult… Maybe in the future but for now this is how I love owning my EMO Pet. I’m really happy to have him and I would not ever want to let him go. I just don’t talk to him as much because well he doesn’t say much and you can listen to the same thing over and over for too long anyway

try to find the things he’s good at and enjoy him the most you can I think you’ll still find the same as me it’s quite rewarding and he is adorable :yum: