Finally The Long Wait Comes To An End! EMO Is At Home!

Wow - that’s pretty strange. I know that the developers have been looking into your videos and trying to figure out why EMO is doing this. Thank you for the videos as it helps them understand more about what is going wrong.

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EMO: Doing Perfect Dance Moves To The Beat! (With Pimp Headphone)


Love it - the disco line is even better!

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Currently Updating…while on his SurfBoard Charger…
Date: 2021/06/05 EMO Latest Firmware: v1.0.15
Update Command Direct To EMO:
· Check update.
· Install firmware.
· Install the latest firmware now.

For More Info On The Latest Firmware Click Here!
New Update Command View Here!


Ohhhh you customised your skateboard charger… what did you put on it? It looks great!


And the headphone too!

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