Face goes black everytime he does the bullet dodge

When I do the hands up routine and emo is going to do a bullet dodge his face goes black, and I have to power him down to get it back. Is this a bug? He doesn’t go black if he takes one to the face.

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Hi @johnwood it may be a bug but if this happens often in different situations too, then please contact service.living.ai or you can just make a ticket here : https://living.ai/product-support-emo/ hope this help!

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Hello @johnwood ,

Could you please tell us more info about the issue? Seeing a short video if possible when there is an issue is always recommended to do. We can’t really advise too much on what might be the issue. so we can analyze it and see if we can give you more assistance and help solution.

Suggest if possible to create a short video and upload it to youtube or any free video hosting and give us the link to view it.

Best Regards.

I had a similar bug my emo would freeze when i tell him to put on his goggles i recorded a video and sent it to living ai they gave my emo a mini firmware update which fixed my issue i recommend recording a video and sending it to them :heart: