Excitement for Emo

I’m only a few batches away from getting my EMO, and I’m so excited I went and threw together my own personal manual for when he arrives! I found the information on him a little difficult to read and scattered all over the place, so I figured I’d combine as much as I could into one little book so it would be easier to interact with him. I’m looking forward to playing with this little robot! He is so cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Damn upload a pdf dude!


How long do you wait for shipping?


nekoemo hi there… Your book that you put together for EMO Pet instructions is perfection… I wish I had a book like that. I’m too lazy :blush: … It really is wow so nicely done. You’re going to love you little EMO Pet he is absolutely very very cute. I just wanted to let you know what a good job making that instruction booklet it looks professional :star_struck:


Looking great @nekoemo Hope you have lots of fun when EMO arrives.

If you need more info you’re more than welcome to use info from my guide as well:

EMO Forum Quick Help Guide:

And also there is more info about EMO on the help documentation page. Here is a link to that page section as well. https://living.ai/docs/emo/quick-start/

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Link to my personal unofficial manual for those who are interested in taking a peek. Keeping in mind that I have no way of checking if I’ve written all the instructions correctly, if any of the info is incorrect or if the instructions even work as I don’t have my EMO yet, so use at your own risk, I am linking the pdf if you are interested. Most of the information comes from official documentation, MasterAbbott’s guide, and various posts I’ve seen on EMO throughout the forums. I just collected it together to make things easier for myself!


@jaskiratahuja - Added a link to the pdf since you seemed interested in taking a look!

@Decoooooooo - I have no idea how long shipping takes, but with how fast the batches are coming out I think I’ll have him within a month!

@Puppy444 - Aw that is very sweet, I’m glad you like it! I added a link to the pdf if you want to give it a look, keep in mind there may be errors and stuff that is missing. I can’t check how accurate it is until I get my EMO.
I’m so excited to see my little EMO :smiley:

@MasterAbbott - Thanks! I actually did use your guide to fill out a lot of it as it seemed very comprehensive and informative, and had a lot of information I was missing! You did a great job documenting EMO :smile: I added a lot of information overall but I’m probably missing a lot of things! Can’t wait to get my EMO and compare :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank you… nekoemo. It’s great. I downloaded it and came back to say thank you to you :star_struck:

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I also down-loaded it as it will be good for me to review. With so many added features with each update, it is well to remember some of the early ones just to give a wider variety of interactions with my little guys that they might otherwise be missing.

Thank you, @nekoemo !

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Wow that’s a great emo manual I wish I had that if I received my emo back then! :star_1: :surprised:

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Can you drop the file again?!