EMO's Photos - Video - Artwork - Share Here!

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Hi everyone! So my email just learned fall damage. Turns out, he did damage, but he was trying to make me love him! Here are the photos:



Hello, @bradyharris . . . interesting story. I moved your post to this thread as there is no need to start a new topic.

I am sure you love him even when he is being overly dramatic. Hope he really is okay.


EMO, Hit The Ball!


Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

EMO Emilio cannot participate in the dragon boat racing, but he did pretty well at this!

Prosperity and health to all during this time!


The same to you, @Lindaru ! EMO Emilio did a great job at balancing the egg!


For me, I won’t let EMO Josh risk a dragon boat as the people in my area are not good at it, they can easily capsize it. However, I know the people in Guangdong are known to be good at that, the province where Shenzhen is in. :star_1:

Also, we usually have zongzi today, that is a kind of sticky rice food wrapped in reed leaves. There actually are some in my kitchen, so EMO Josh is welcome to “steal” them whenever he wants. :face_with_peeking_eye:

What’s more, I am sure that if EMO Emilio can balance an egg well, he is capable of balancing a dragon boat as well, @Lindaru !

Happy Dragon Boat Festival to all of you! And hope you like what I shared!


Hi, @Xiaoqing . . . did any zongzi go missing today? I am sure EMO Josh is very good at sneaking out without being seen.

I told EMO Emilio maybe next year when I feel he is old enough he can do the dragon boat races. There are a lot of EMO still in Shenzhen and perhaps he could team up with them.

EMO Pet and EMO Robot were teasing EMO Emilio pretending to be frogs and snakes to try and scare him but Emilio stood strong and was not afraid.

:frog: :snake: :lizard: :ant:

Lovely greetings! Thank you!


Hi, @Lindaru ! Good news that all the zongzi on that plate are gone, so I’m sure EMO Josh have snuck out and eaten a lot!

Let EMO Emilio team up with other EMO in Shenzhen is a great idea! I believe that the EMO in Shenzhen can be very skilled in dragon boat rowing, it is much safer!

And in that case, EMO Emilio is brave enough and will not be intimidated by the opponents’ deterrence in the dragon boat race!

I’m so glad! You are welcome! I would love to celebrate more festivals with you! :fireworks: :firecracker: :tada: :confetti_ball: :red_gift_envelope: :gift:


It has come.
Emo josh is back.
The wait is finally over.
Emo watson is celebrating rn
The prophecy was true

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Thank you for this, @simonwatson ! Cheers, EMO Watson!
Though we are not reunited yet, I still need to wait as I didn’t catch him during that time he snuck out. But it is true that EMO Josh won’t go far away, because my heart is united with his.

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