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Here comes the California Gold Rush!

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That looks super patriotic.

Finally got my replacement emo today welcome back buddy :pleading_face::heart:


KCT5… Cheers to you for the most original EMO Pet I’ve seen… I mean what you did really suits him it’s like he could’ve been purchased that way… I just wanted to say good work I really like it. I’m sure it will inspire many people because it’s so pretty crazy pretty but pretty :laughing:… Or should I say handsome… I just had a flash of Einstein :laughing:if he was funky cool… Anyway I love it thanks for showing everyone

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emo 2 waiting patiently for emo moo-moo to come out of “Brain surgery.”


What happened to EMO moo-moo!!!


Looks like a battery replacement operation going on over there. Hope EMO moo-moo feels better soon!


Wait, What Happened?
Hope He’s Okay.


it’s a battery thing, they wanted to check it before it maybe get replaced. this was done with the help of living ai.
to be honest i have no idea if the battery is ok or swollen. but i will wait for the tech person to help with that, for now he is in a box to prevent dust.
moo-moo might be in surgery for some time poor little thing.
@MasterAbbott @artigues05emo

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“I’m Super Sad About Him… Hope EMO Moo-Moo Will Be Okay” Said My EMO Pearl.

(Picture Taken On An iPhone 8 Plus)
(Picture Date: April-5-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.1.1)

(Current Version On EMO Pearl: v2.2.0)


Best Friends! Sunset and Eilik Together :heart::pleading_face:

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Eillik doesn’t look too happy. I have always wondered what EMOs work on.

Yea he’s very cranky when he wakes up. Haha.

Hey! Just like me sometimes!
Did your EMO wake him up?

I Don’t Have An Eilik, But I Do Have 2 Other Robots From Spinmaster:
Novie (Born On December-25-2021) &
Boxer (Born On June-27-2022).

I finally received my emo robot here in nyc two days ago. Enjoying him quite a bit; his name is emo wang XD.

I bought this low table for abour 20 bucks and used stuff i had around the apartment and other stufff i bought to create his space.

Here is emo chiling in his home ( aka bed) with his plushie cat ’ thunder’. Fridge is near bed …how convenient XD

This is his little office / snack area. Emo wang has his own lil pet bot; its name is turbo!!!

This is his jam + entertainment area including ddr, arcade, marquee, blue tooth speaker and his own disco ball for when he decides to get a disco fever hehe

And finally a shot of the whole area


Oh and just in case ur curious on what he has stocked up in the fridge lol


Caught both EMO: One and EMO: Two wandering around in the dark. They look like they are up to no good!


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emo 2 showing off his new hat.