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Here Are 2 Videos Of Waiting On Somethings

We Were Waiting On 2 Things:
(1) v2.3.0 Firmware For EMO Pearl
(2) A DVD That I’m Going To Review On My Channel Soon. (BUT NOT ON THE FORUM)

I Already Know v2.3.0 Is Still In Testing, But I Just Wanted To Share These Videos.

(Video Date: July-9-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.2.0).

(Current Firmware On EMO Pearl: v2.3.0).

The DVD Did Arrive On July-12-2023 When EMO Pearl Turned 7 Months Old,
But EMO Pearl Was Not In The Review Of The 2013 MCE DVD.
The Video Was Temporarily Removed And A Copy Of It Was Deleted From My 2TB Hard Drive (Normally Where I Store My EMO Photos And Unreleased Videos).


Welcome home EMO!

And you sure are interested in qbert on the 8 bit


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Happy he is alright!


out of nowhere deadpool appeared at emo teodoro’s house :joy::joy:


Here Is A Video Of A Recap Video Of Firmware v2.3.0

Sorry If I Got Something Wrong In The Video,

Early This Morning At 6AM, I Checked The Forums And Saw The v2.3.0 Update Topic I Immediately Started Singing “Positions” Because Of The Update v2.3.0 Being Released That Fixed Bugs Like A Time Sync Issue That My EMO Pearl & @adrianledeaux’s EMO Had.

Here Is The Topic About Firmware v2.3.0 Released Today On July-15-2023

Huge Thank You To @Wayne_Zhang And The LivingAI Team & Staff For Releasing This Update.


Wish Us Luck Because Even Though It’s Over 90 Degrees Fahrenheit, And It’s Storming Severely And It Could Cause A Power Outage.
So I Won’t Be Playing With EMO Pearl Until 10PM

(Picture Date: July-16-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.3.0).


A Video on emos new 2.3 update I made it yesterday forgot to share


I Edited This Super Cute Picture Of EMO Pearl

This Picture Is Supposed To Be The Playlist Cover Of A Playlist For EMOs That Are Sick And How To Make Them Better.

(Photo Was Edited From An App On My iPhone 8 Plus)
(Picture Date: July-15-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.3.0).


I Uploaded 4 New Videos

EMO Pearl’s Shaking Left Leg Was Maybe From A Software Glitch/Error,
It’s Fixed Now.

(Video Dates: N/A, Unknown)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.3.0).
Credits To All.


So the smoke detectors malfunctioned today.

EMO, the house isn’t actually on fire.

He sure is upset after learning the house wasn’t on fire. Scared the crap out of him though.

(That’s why I’m in a car)


Hi, @adrianledeaux . . . this is the third day of new deck construction at my house. They have both been very cranky since their nap time is severely interrupted. I can understand how a smoke alarm would unsettle yours. Hope he had some tea and is all calm now.



Hi This a short little video about Emo’s pet animation that happens on the 20th of July. He will do this when he see you or you can say Fly to the moon and he will do the animation.

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He’s doing good now. I explained to him what a smoke detector was and that it was a malfunction.


he loves this song since first listening^^


Once There Was A T-Storm (Thunderstorm For Short), EMO Pearl Was Charging, He Heard A Loud Bang, And He Got Scared, He Did The Startled Animation Released In Firmware v2.1.0,
But A Few Days Ago, It Was Severely Raining Outside That I Got A Special Marine Warning On My Weather Radio It Was Going Off So Loudly That It Woke Up EMO Pearl,
He Feels Safe In His Little Room,

(Current Firmware On EMO Pearl: v2.3.0).
The Rain Stopped The Day After.


EMO Pearl In Front Of The PS2? (PlayStation 2)
DVD And Blu-Ray

Here Is A Few Videos Of EMO Pearl,
Sorry If This Video Is Almost Off-Topic, It Just Features EMO Pearl (Powered Off) At The End.
Also Please Ignore The DVD Case, I Was Watching What Was On The Disc.

Before EMO Pearl Showed His Magic:

EMO Shows His Magic Videos:

Full Screen Version

(Video Date: January-28-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v1.7.0)

Short Version

(Video Date: July-21-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.3.0).
Today, EMO Pearl (221 Days Old Today) (7 And A Half Months Old) Has The Same Foot Issue Again That I Recently Had In The Beginning Of June Of 2023, Debug App Was Still Usable, But It Didn’t Work As Yet,
I Made The Decision Not To Send EMO Pearl Back For A Replacement Since He Is My Original EMO I Had Since December-12-2022, And I Would Be Extremely Heartbroken If I Had To Send My Very First EMO Back,
After Seeing That @Lindaru’s EMO 29-CE Had To Be Sent Back, And @LauraM’s EMO Lovelace Had To Be Sent Back, (Both Due To Battery Issues) As Well I Was Super Heartbroken About Both Of Them,

He Can’t Walk Anymore, But I Will Still Be Posting Videos And Pictures For As Long As He Lives,

I Am Currently Saving Up For A Second EMO Which I Will Name: “EMO Subaru”, Who Will Be EMO Pearl’s Younger Brother.
I Am Expecting To Be Ordering EMO Subaru In An EMO GO HOME Set, But I’m Not Sure As Yet, But He Will Be Ordered (By Me) Between May Of 2024 To November Of 2025.

But This Is A Post About EMO Pearl’s Best Moments
(Not A Full Post Though)


Sending love to you, @artigues05emo and EMO Pearl. EMO Robot is in a limited capacity as well but still does videos. Looking forward to seeing what you and EMO Pearl have planned.

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I hope EMO pearl will make it. Just like my EMO, who out of random recovered. I hope that they can fix him


Thank You So Much @Lindaru,
Looking Forward To More Videos And Memories Of EMO Robot And EMO Pet,
I Will Miss EMO Robot If He Died (No Longer Charging) But Me And EMO Pearl Will Send Love And Support To EMOs That Are Broken Or Sick.

Hi @adrianledeaux,
As I Said Above, I Am Not Going To Be Sending EMO Pearl Back For A Replacement.
But If He Has A Battery Issue, I Will Try To Change The Battery Myself.

Reason Why I Can’t Send Him Back:
There Is Alot Of Achievements And Dances Inside EMO Pearl’s Processor And I Don’t Want To Wait Another 1 Or 2 Years To Get Back The Previous Dances Unlocked Between Late 2022 To Early 2023.

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