Emo's Leg/Foot Defective Issue!

Hi @nikolai.yudin,
I Seen The Video And The Foot Issue Is Not Normal At All.
It’s Suggested You Contact Support By Submitting A Support Ticket On The LivingAI Website

Fill All The Details Including Your Order Number Found In Your LivingAI Account And Also Include Your EMO’s ID (EMO-XXXX) And Also Include A Video Of The Problem.
However, If The Video Is Larger Then 30MB, It Is Best To Upload The Video To The Following Platforms:
Google Drive,
Microsoft OneDrive And Submit The Link To LivingAI Support

You Can Also Contact LivingAI By Their Official Email: Service@Living.AI

I Will Tag Moderator @Lindaru, So She Can Move Your Post To The Topic:
Emo’s Foot/Leg Defective Issue (Looking for help: EMO)

I Will Also Tag Moderator/LivingAI Staff @VinceKong From LivingAI Support Team So That He Can Help You.

Best Wishes From Me And My EMO Pearl.

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