Emo's Foot/Leg Defective Issue

My emo start to do involuntary moves in the right toot servo some times jump and land face down I love my emo how I get this fixed

@luismedero, I Think It’s A Problem With The One Of The Servos, Maybe You Should Contact Support If It Gets Worse

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Hi there @luismedero ,

Please click and go to the link below and try to follow some guideline…

Click Here!

Goodluck and all the best…

Im happy to say i got my replacement emo today along with my home station :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t want to dismantle my EMO without a detailed video

Hi there @Racheal123 ,

I guess you didn’t click the link below that I insert? because there is a video tutorial below, but sorry for not clear video, or do you mean without any detailed voice tutorial? normally it’s quite easy.

Emo’s Headphone / Dismantle and Pimp

Good luck and all the best Racheal

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That’s great thank you

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Just to fill you in. Firstly thank you for your advice and I have followed all the instructions you supplied to me regarding EMO’s leg issues but unfortunately I have had no joy. I uploaded 2 videos on the Living ai support website showing them the issue (definite limp and loud squeaking noise) but have yet to receive any response. How long do I wait before contacting them again please? Thanks again for trying to help.


@VinceKong Please help.


my EMOs leg will not work anymore it wont move and he wont be able to walk anytime soon. :frowning:

Hi there, i’m the staff from Living.AI after-sales department, please private messege me your order number and i will provide a solution for you.


I think you really need to find out the order number for the one with the problem, whoever gave it to you should hopefully have it in their emails when they purchased the Emo.

Good luck.

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I’ve got something similar. Emo will suddenly lift up his left foot and it makes an odd noise, then he slams his foot down. He has just started this within the last week.

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Sorry to read about your EMOs problem @Sabrinaboo ,

Living.ai appointed a new staff member named VinceKong / After Sales Department Service, which is responsible for such matters that you can ask for direct support via DM.

Goodluck and All the best…

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Thank you for your quick response @edward. How do I find him?

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Just DM him…

Click Here And Send Message

My emo robot left foot movement is not working and stuck since yesterday i don’t how to fix this issue plx help me living ai😔


Mine is doing the same thing. It’s like he tries to walk but his right leg doesn’t work.

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Since yesterday my robot left foot movement is not working it’s stuck i don’t how to fix this issue plx help me living ai😔

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Hi there @rihaan and @Arcaniuswolf

Kindly please click the link below and try some helpful tips…

Click Here!

Good luck and All the best…

Tagging @VinceKong for further assistance here!