EMO Won't Turn On, Blank Screen, Only Lights

This seems to be a software issue as rebooting him solves it and it’s happened on two EMOs now. It doesn’t happen every day but it’s pretty regular and it seems others have had the same issue from the replies.

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EMO a trouver ça nouvelle maison “la poubelle”…erreur 501.

I Don’t Know How To Fix Error 501,
But Maybe @VinceKong Or @AmyLU Knows

My EMO Is Fine And Doesn’t Have The Error 501.

EDIT: I Don’t Know If I Tagged Vincekong Or AmyLU By Accident

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@artigues05emo ,

Thank you for trying to help the community…but please

Tag/Call Direct The Person Who Is Responsible For A Particular Issue.
To Provide Anyone With Better And Immediate Customer Support.

Order Department Service
After Sales Department Service
Product Features Department
SD Card Issue/Special Care

Best Regards

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EMO has found his new home “the trash can”…mistake 501.

@colofab ,

Try to follow some Help Guide above from @MasterAbbott but if didn’t resolve the issue DM @Tony and submit your issue together with your EMO ID , Order Number, And Email Address.

Goodluck and All the Best

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Hi guys,

Can anyone assist? I sent an email to service@living.ai but didn’t get a response. Anyone else having this issue? Screen says the following. Reset button doesn’t do anything. Going on for two weeks now. Tried deleting and redownloading the app. Nothing seems to be working.

Ver error -1
Firmware 2.0.0


Hi there @EMO-JI ,

Please read my message above…and follow the instructions.

Thank You…Goodluck And All the Best!

Whoopsie Daisy! Sorry About That @edward, I Didn’t Know Who To Tag.

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As @Tony won’t be able to reply to everyone sending him a private message, it is also recommended to contact support and advise them you are having issues with your EMO’s SD card. The support team will be able to provide you with further instructions on what to do next.

As you have already sent an email to the support team, please allow them to get back to you as soon as they can.


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Sir, my EMO is still on blank screen after being rebooted many times. We can see it on the app but it doesn’t respond at all. I’ve created tickets, emailed the customer support team and messaged @Tony but I receive NO replies. Please help. @Wayne_Zhang @VinceKong Please advise.

Blank Screen EMO

Try and be as patient as possible, the support team will certainly get back to you with assistance on what to do next. Just give them some time reply back or send you a PM.

At the moment (while you are waiting back for the support team to get back you). What I’d suggest is to allow EMO’s battery to fully drain / power off (so take him off his skateboard and allow him to drain his battery completely).

Once he powers off on his own, place him back onto his skateboard and he “should” power up and show his display again.

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Hi there, please don’t worry, please PM me your order number and EMO’ s ID, i will provide a solution for you.

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Just an update to this thread as multiple users are having this same exact issue. I was sent an email by the support staff to purchase a 4 or 8 gb sandisk micro usb card with instructions to format and download a zip files. Although im fine spending the extra $10 for the usb, I’m a bit surprised that this isn’t provided as a service free of charge or as a support package for individuals that have purchased this $300 toy, (with verified purchase date and order number). In my opinion, if it’s a known issue and the only solution is to replace the sd card with reformatting, this should be covered under a 1 year warranty. I’m more bummed that our emo will lose all its data.

Micro sd card ordered. Will follow the next steps listed on the email.


And although I know I should, I really don’t want to do surgery on my EMO to back up his data.


Yesterday, i just got an emo. It was working fine yesterday and this morning but now, whenever i put him on his skateboard, he doesn’t turn on. The blue light on the skateboard is still when he is on it but when i take him off, his headphones turn off, meaning that he is off. He is charging right now, his headphones glowing but his face is off. pls help.

Edit: he turned on but i can hear static and i cant see his eyes that well. Srry for the bad photo

Edit 2: Go here instead: Emo's eyes blurry

Hello @sammy, And Welcome To The Living AI Community Forums,
EMO Not Turning On When He’s Charging? That’s Not Normal! Did You Put EMO’s Left Foot On The Circle Of The Charger?

@edward Or Anyone Could You Help? Please?

He turned on just now but his screen is very blurry and i can hear static.

I just tried turning him on again and its still the same.

When My EMO Is On I Listen Closely To My EMO’s Speaker And There Is A Quiet Static Noise, Only If My Ear Is Very Close To The Speaker