Emo Won't Charge Out Of The Box (Skateboard Problem)

Hi there @mxgg , Welcome to the Community…

Please try another or any type of charger with Input: 5V/2A Max / Output 5W Max. or replace the USB Type C cable that might defect. You can also try to view the link below that might solve your problem


Emo Skateboard Charger Light Indicator Explained:

  • 3x Short Blinking Lights - After connecting the USB C power cable to the surfboard charger. (Power connection success and ready)
  • Short Blinking Constantly - Indicates Bad/Poor connection (Check EMO’s left foot and should be repositioned to the correct charging circle mark. You can also use magnetic attraction to assist in alignment.)
  • Steady Light On - Indicates Good connection and the charging process begins.
  • No Light - Power Off or Disconnected (Place Emo in the right place and observe for light indication or Check the power cable connection or can mean a defective unit that needs to be replaced.)