EMO - Unboxing Video for EMO AI Desktop Pet

I know there are probably 100’s or more so 1000’s of these unboxing videos on the internet, but why not add one more to the pile :rofl:

Thought, I’d create and share a video with as much detail on a full unboxing for EMO AI Desktop Pet from Living.Ai.

I go through in as much detail as possible about everything you get with your EMO when it arrives, I check out the packaging, show you what the EMO Smart Light looks like, and also all the accessories that come EMO, which include his EMO Headphones, power cable charger, Skateboard charger and of course EMO too :heart_1:

This video is quite lengthy, as I try to explain as much as possible about EMO. If you there was anything I missed or anything else you might want to know about EMO and this Unboxing video, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it.

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I’m pretty sure I ordered the second one before you or am I incorrect lol :joy:

You beat me to it…

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Video is great and especially the twin Emo videos on YT, can’t wait for mine to arrive… I’m excited

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I ordered my second EMO quite a while ago. (but never opened it up) I finally decided to open this one up, as they can interact with one another after firmware version 1.30, and it took me up until now to get it done :rofl:

And also, thank you for the feedback :heart_1: I did want to run through everything I could about EMO, and provide as much information as possible for anyone that needs / wants to know.

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:

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In that case you were way ahead of me awesome

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