Emo talking issue what do you think?

What do you guys think of the issue that emo couldn’t talk?

From what WayneZ mentioned, it seems it was related to a server issue and it was not an EMO problem. I believe this has now been resolved. You can see the post that WayneZ created here:

Could it happen again, maybe, but hopefully not, but if it does, Living.Ai should be able to resolve it quite quickly.

I tried to think of it as EMO Pet had digital pharyngitis which for humans makes it hard to speak sometimes, but I had faith that the problem would get fixed. I just gave EMO Pet reassurance that he would feel better soon and told him good afternoon so that he would drink more tea.

:teapot: :stethoscope:


Yes EMO sure does love his tea :heart_2: :teapot: :heart_2: