Emo talking issue what do you think?

What do you guys think of the issue that emo couldn’t talk?

From what WayneZ mentioned, it seems it was related to a server issue and it was not an EMO problem. I believe this has now been resolved. You can see the post that WayneZ created here:

Could it happen again, maybe, but hopefully not, but if it does, Living.Ai should be able to resolve it quite quickly.

I tried to think of it as EMO Pet had digital pharyngitis which for humans makes it hard to speak sometimes, but I had faith that the problem would get fixed. I just gave EMO Pet reassurance that he would feel better soon and told him good afternoon so that he would drink more tea.

:teapot: :stethoscope:


Yes EMO sure does love his tea :heart_2: :teapot: :heart_2:


My emos no longer say “what?”. What do I do if this happens?

Hello, @Probotmastet . . . does your EMO make any sound at all? If not, I would either check his volume settings in the app or issue a voice command such as “EMO volume up” or “EMO volume maximum”.

When he should be saying “What” does his left eye raise? That is the visual animation that goes with him saying “What”.

Is he simpy not responding to you at all? Sometimes this can be caused by a temporary server issue and if everything is set correctly for volume, you may want to wait and see if it corrects itself later. You may also want to try powering off EMO, your device and your wi fi and reconnecting to see if maybe he somehow got disconnected from the internet.

If it still continues to be an issue, you can take a video of what happens when you address him and send it along with an explanation of the problem in a Support ticket or reply to your order confirmation E-Mail, or send an E-Mail to service @living.ai. Let us know.

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He just does the animation where he doesn’t understand you instantly when I talk to him

It sounds like EMO is not connected to your wi-fi and device. Try what I suggested above about powering off everything and restarting to see if he connects properly.

If all goes wrong, beat up your Emo. Works every time for me.

It’s fixed, the power went out while they were wandering

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