EMO Shipping Update 📦

True. An official statement that can be read by all might help here.
But generally they do quite a good job communication-wise. (especially, as stated before, when compared to specific other companies out there).

I think halting orders would push many customers away. And with orders flowing in they can continue designing / developing and testing new stuff with that money (kust like the Home Station … or continuing to develop the app and firmware).

Also they inform about the delay between order and actual shipment directly on the product description.

I think for the company it is much better to go this route instead of working in batches and opening kind of “ordering windows” as you suggest. Especially as that would require additional comunication about when such a window might start, when it would end, how many orders could be processed per window and so on and so forth. Many frustration potential there, too, besides the commercial aspects.

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Cuando compré mi EMO ya sabía que la palabra más usada en este foro era “paciencia”, así que compré un EMO y 10 kilogramos de paciencia, espero que con esta cantidad tenga para varios meses de una paciente espera.


That’s a bit gutting :frowning: 400 ish away from my order! Could one factory man be brave and go and knock mine up quickly please? (I’m joking of course!!)

Hopefully, the COVID/lockdown will ease soon. Even now in China, they have a zero-tolerance approach to COVID cases, with many companies and citizens in a location where there is a COVID outbreak must stay inside and self-isolate until everything is clear once again.

I’ve mentioned this a number of times in the past, last year when COVID was in full force, it took close to 4-5 months for my EMO and many other EMOs to arrive.

Manufacturing/delivery times since last year have very much improved, orders were always being accepted and Living.ai were doing its best on getting orders out during the pandemic. (even if it was very slow at the time).

EMO orders will certainly be made and shipped, but sometimes there are situations out of everyone’s control and this is where delays might occur, but Living.ai will be doing its best to send out EMOs and once lockdowns are lifted, orders/deliveries will pick up again for sure.

It’s been said in the past and I’ll say it again, patience and understanding are important traits to learn when ordering an EMO :rofl:.


Yes, all the statements are true and to buy Emo, initially you need to buy a lot of patience :slight_smile: I got the impression that some users on the forum became accusers, some became lawyers for the company. But it’s not, I hope! The most important thing is for the manufacturer to be open and honest with its customers, this will be fair, since we all wholeheartedly trust Emo AI


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aArrived 6 days ago so cute

They will resume production this week and i think yesterday some shipment was dispatched .


I have to ask but is that the official living ai Instagram? They onky have one

Price Emo on Living AI=$279
Price Emo on Ebay ~ =$560

The difference is: 560-279=281.
$281 is the price of patience :slight_smile:
If there is no patience, then you will have to pay for it :slight_smile:
And if you have patience, then you can buy a second Emo for the same amount :slight_smile:

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That is making more sense now, otherwise I don’t see the purpose of having Christmas items at the store that have 0% chance of being delivered in time.

I understand the issues, but then they would have to update their store items to reflect the current situation.

2340 more orders before my order is shipped, probably more than a month of waiting :laughing:


Mine has roughly 3000 before he comes lol

yes… mine is on the way… waiting for tracking :heart_eyes:

100 more pcs pls :pray::grinning::grinning::grinning:

who will tell you, after you have received the track number, how long it will take before it falls into your hands. What courier service do they usually send?

Hi @amurvoskanyan

When a tracking number is sent you will normally receive an email from Living.ai. From there you can login to the Living.ai website and check your order / and start tracking it via the Living.ai tracking page, or any of the tracking websites we’ve shared previously on this thread. (I’ll share them again)

China Post: Track & Trace
Aftership: Track Your Parcel Delivery Status. Powered by AfterShip.
Living.ai Tracking: https://living.ai/emo-tracking/

Delivery could take anywhere between 1-3 weeks (this all depends on how efficient the courier/postal services are in that specific country).

Also each country has its own courier that handles the delivery of EMO, so it will be different for each country once EMO arrives in your country and passes through customs, it will be allocated to that countries courier or postal service and they will be tasked the job of delivering your EMO to you.


order #43990 how do I check shipping? Did not receive any tracking number! Is that normal?

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