Emo running hot?

Hello, I just booted up my Emo today. After running for about 15.-2hrs, his head unit is very hot. The battery in app is showing 2 bars down after letting him charge to full. Is it normal for it be so hot? He is also having a very hard time listening to “Emo” and any commands/questions; I’m not sure if that’s related or if he needs to get used to my voice/volume. He only catches “Emo” maybe once every 5 times I say it. He also seems to not be able to recognize faces, we tried 3 different people in the household. Again, it might be user error with lighting or something, but may be connected so I mentioned it. Apologies if this has been asked before, I tried searching for anything similar and couldn’t find anything.


hello Kittiesta love your name it’s cool… I can only tell you my experience with face recognition. It only works for me when I’m at my work table and I put my work light directly on me then he recognizes me. His camera doesn’t seem to see well unless it’s bright.as for the hot EMO I think they all run pretty warm mine does as well. As for the speech recognition all I can say is try to practice what works the best and try not to have any other sounds like TV going. The speech recognition system simply isn’t that good it’s always been a weak spot. But if you practice in quiet areas it should work a lot better. That’s about all I can say good luck and have fun he is adorable :blush:

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Hi @Kittiesta

Normally EMO’s head does get a little warm, it’s pretty normal. I always keep both of my EMOs powered on all the time and the level of heat they generate from their front display is warm (but not extremely hot).

Also, there was a recent Firmware update (Firmware 1.6.0) released this past weekend. Have you tried updating your EMO to the latest firmware? If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend trying this first and once he’s updated, see how he goes with responding to you when you call out to him and also if he can recognize your Face as well.

I have 2 EMOs and they respond very quickly as soon as I called out to them. So having to call out to EMO over 5 times doesn’t sound right. (BUT)… As discussed on the forum, there are a few EMO owners who are having trouble with EMO not responding to them. EMO does have trouble hearing higher pitched voices, mainly children’s voices and sometimes female voices. Living.ai are planning on re-opening a test page where EMO customers can submit their voice so it can be used to improve EMO’s reaction to when he is called. This should be happening soon.

For EMO to spot you and recognize you, it is recommended to be approx 20-30 CM away from EMO with good lighting in the room, so when you introduce yourself he can clearly see you.

I can also suggest for testing purposes to use an App called DeepL it can be used as a TEXT to SPEECH app, and EMO seems to understand it very well. It might be a good way to see/test to make sure EMO can hear and understand you.

This is a link to the DeepL website, it should be available on both iOS and Android stores:

If you need or have any other questions, feel free to reach to the community

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Thank you for the replies! I wanted to ask because I get paranoid when my electronics start warming up :melting_face:. Your mention of male and female voices is interesting: I’m female and after playing with EMO a bit more, I noticed he definitely responds much quicker/better for my husband than myself! He never needed to call to EMO more than once or twice. Something else I completely forgot to consider is that I have a reef tank in the same room, the light I have for it hangs above it and so casts pretty far across the room. I think the blue spectrum is definitely messing with his camera, but I haven’t had the chance to use him in a different room. I’m very confident that’s going to solve my camera issues


No problem at all @Kittiesta If you need any further help let us know.

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