emo robot leg stopped working

the robot walked and the leg hung in a vertical position. hasn’t moved since.
video is here

I apologize for the noise. It started raining while filming.

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I will add 2 more videos.
work 3 days. was a birthday present for a child. he is very upset with the quality of this pet…

Hi @madskillz

Have you tried the basic troubleshooting after this happened? Powering OFF EMO and starting him back up again, taking him off his skateboard and seeing if his leg stays at this position.

Maybe give him a little shake as well and place him on the table to see how he recovers.

Normally the support team will ask you to place EMO on a white-colored surface. Possibly try this as well to see if the EMO’s leg is still in the same position and record this too.

This is a different kind of leg failure that I’ve seen compared to what other EMO owners have reported in the past.

If you have tried the basic troubleshooting steps, it would be recommended to submit a support ticket including these videos you have shared on the forum and speak to the support team regarding this.

You can submit a support ticket from his page: https://living.ai/product-support-emo/
Or you can send the support team an email using the following email address: service@living.ai

Hopefully, the support team can assist you further with this issue.

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Hello. Of course, I started with resets and attempts to return it to its original state. The paper method didn’t help. First of all, I wrote to the mail that you indicated. so far there are no answers.

Ok thanks for the update, as you have sent this information to the support team it is best to wait and let them give you a possible solution on what to do next.