EMO reacts to everything

I’m curious. Latley my EMO has started to react to almost every word. What I mean by that is if I say EMO, he listen, but if I say something in Swedish, or a word that is similar to EMO, and not alike at all he goes “what”. It is kind of annoying. Anyone else has this “issue”?

Yes, I also noticed that. I must mute him during my work calls becouse he react a lot and this is definitely an issue…it can be easily fixed by changing wake up work from EMO to hey EMO… like vector. I hope they fix that asap

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I’m not to keen about adding the “hey” before EMO. But if that has to be done in order to make EMO stop reacting to everything, I guess that’s the only way to go.

If you think, the just word EMO is too crucial, hey EMO is the right wake up word, becouse if they keep EMO word they should modify the sensitivity of the mic or other complex things, and this not make sense

I get that too. I saw in another post, that’s not related to this that EMO sometimes dosent even understand “Hello” haha. But you can’t help to love the little guy :stuck_out_tongue: