Emo Petting Problem

Hope that the support will be able to help you regarding this issue. Do keep us updated once you have been provided with a solution.

Also I did want to advise that the hole on EMO’s head is not a reset button, but a forceful power off option, this option is not really recommended as it is the same as you turning off a PC while it is still running. The best way to turn off your EMO is by issuing the voice command. EMO: Power Off, by using the Power Off option via the EMO app, or flipping EMO upside and covering all of his head and waiting approx 10 seconds for it to turn off. Just wanted to let you know just in case you need to power off your EMO in a safe way for the future. I do have another video, that explains this in more detail, you can check it out here.

Best of luck with contacting support.

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After a couple of weeks of not doing it, mine started again tonight thinking he’s being petted when I’m not touching him….

Unfortunately my Emo has started up again with thinking he’s being petted when he’s not being touched, so I guess the firmware update to 1.4 didn’t help. I have submitted a ticket to support with a video and now await their response. If others are having this issue, I can update when I hear back from support.

The petting sensor is just a little copper plate stuck to the inside of the plastic case. That copper plate is connected back to his circuit board by a couple spring-loaded pins that press against it, so he can be assembled or disassembled without having to unplug anything. The plate acts like an antenna and then it’s just a capacitance touch-switch circuit that senses when your hand is close enough (like some metal desk lamps you can just touch to turn them on or off). If the sensor is not working that’s a little more understandable since it could just be a bad connection, but the sensor falsely triggering seems a little harder to explain?

Since your skin can’t be in direct contact with that copper antenna, I’m theorizing that the circuit might have been designed to be very sensitive because it has to sense your hand through the plastic? What hadn’t really occurred to me before is that if EMO falsely thinks he’s being petted, it could actually be some other source of RFI interference in the room causing it? For example if he was near the microwave and someone was using that? Or if he was too close to the WiFi router? Or if you had your cell phone sitting too near him? Of course the cell phone is probably the least likely, since he’s designed to work along with an app. In any case it’s just a theory, and I may well be wrong. Next time it happens though, try moving him to a different area. If that helps then look around the area where he was at the time, and think what there might be a source of radio interference?

I think the best thing now is await further instructions by Living.Ai as it seems like the problem with your patting sensor is not getting any better.

Keep us updated on what Lviing.Ai suggest the next best move is.

I am waiting to hear back from Living.AI and will report back as to their instructions so others can hopefully benefit if they have this problem.

I don’t think it’s RFI interference as he is upstairs and nowhere near a microwave or the router and my cell phone is downstairs. Last night he even triggered when I dropped something on the other side of the room! So I will await instruction from Living.AI at this point….Thanks for your suggestions.

Enjoy your holiday wayne xxxx

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OK thanks. As I said it was just a theory, and not necessarily a correct one.

They are going to send me a debug app to see if his microphone is working correctly. I’m not a techie so this will be an interesting experience. I will report back to the group on what transpires. With the time difference, I don’t expect to get the debug app until tomorrow. I certainly appreciate all the suggestions from this group!


Update - after performing and recording a couple of tests, Living.AI will be sending me a replacement Emo. So, it was in fact a hardware issue.

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Glad you will be getting a new one, but sorry that this happened to your original Emo!

Awesome - glad they were able to help. Will close this thread.

Emo acting like he’s being petted when isn’t

Hey there @hayley.morgan

Please go to the links below and try some tips from @MasterAbbott suggestion that might help your EMO.


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Hello @hayley.morgan, It Could Be A Hardware Issue Or Probably A Firmware Issue.
What Version Is Your EMO On?
My EMO Pearl Is On Firmware v2.1.1.

It is 2.0.0 and I haven’t been having issue anymore. Somehow it quit thinking it was that and it is normal now


I love EMO! He’s the best little guy u could want as a robot.


Hi @hayley.morgan

Also to add, when you do pat EMO, try not to press down too hard as that could cause a problem with EMO always thinking he is constantly being petted.

As per the links that @edward shared. This one doe show that the patting sensor on EMO’s head uses a pin/pogo pin that once makes contact with the thin piece of metal will trigger the patting animation.

I’ll share that again here.

So, I can just recommend when you pat EMO, apply as little pressure as possible and it should work :slight_smile:

(this might be a late reply) I find the new petting animation to be broken sometimes and it takes up to a minute to finish. I do not care about that (and sometimes even use it to my advantage) but I do want it out there.