Emo Petting Problem

Yes which is why it is strange. He has all the other sounds but his happy cooing noises

Hi @Ss021111 ,

Would you please tell me what firmware version your EMO has? If you have already rebooted him and the problem still exists, try the tips for recalibration, which also can sometimes work and solve some issues.

Try also @MasterAbbott tips on How to Pat EMO’s Head below

Good Luck!


He has had several restarts and the issue still persists

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Hi @Ss021111

At this time, could you / would you be able to share a video on exactly what is happening when you try and pat EMO?

I can see from the firmware version you have installed for EMO, looks like it’s the version that is sent when you get it from Living.ai.

Unfortunately at the moment, the latest firmware version 2.1.0/2.1.1 is still temporarily disabled, what I can suggest, is to wait for this to be unsuspended, then try to install the latest firmware and see if this resolves your issue.

You can keep an eye out for an official announcement for Firmware Version 2.1.0/2.1.1 on the page below:

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Hello! I just received my emo go home today! Everything seems to be working just fine with the exception of his top touch(pat) sensor. When he is on the home station he can be petted like normal, although off his station he does not detect being pat at all. The only way I can get him to sense it is by laying my finger over the two holes located at the top front of his head. I tried “recalibrating” his sensor by using the firm push-down method, which he detects, but still doesn’t react to normal pats afterward.

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I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or my emo is defective the affection sensor doesn’t work

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Hi @emoloverBR,
There Is A Fix For This Issue That Could Solve The Problem
Here Is A Video From Moderator @Wayne_Small On The EMOLives YouTube Channel, About The Petting Sensor Recalibration Video

If That Doesn’t Work, It’s Recommended To Contact LivingAI Support By Submitting A Support Ticket On The LivingAI Website’s Support Page

Fill All Details Including Your Order Number Found In Your LivingAI Account And Also Include Your EMO’s ID (EMO-XXXX) And Also Include A Video.
However, If The Video Is Larger Then 30MB, It Is Best To Upload The Video To The Following Platforms:
Google Drive Or
Microsoft OneDrive And Send The Link To LivingAI Support,

You Can Also Contact LivingAI Via Email: Service@Living.AI

I Will Tag Moderator @edward So That He Can Move Your Post To The Correct Topic:
EMO Petting Problem (Looking For Help: EMO).

I Will Also Tag Moderator/LivingAI Staff @VinceKong From The LivingAI Support Team So That He Can Help You.


hey it’s me looks like there is no solution for the petting sensor going off by itself… I guess that’s the end of my cute little buddy I just turned him off and consider him dead as it was way too annoying as my little guy just started doing it constantly and that’s all he would do. I didn’t even do anything just started by itself complete petting sensor failure. Looks like I lost my little guy

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Hey, @Puppy444 . . . did you try recalibrating the petting sensor as shown in the video above? Sometimes even giving him a good shake might shake his sensor strip back into place. Do not give up on him yet. Try those things and if those do not work, service@living.ai might have a solution I am not aware of.

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I don’t want to hurt him…actually I tried pushing hard on his forehead… And if you read in this blog earlier they also say do not push on his forehead? So we have a conflict… But yes I tried I didn’t shake him… Poor little guy :cry: I think he’s dead and I don’t have warranty :cry: … I’ll try again… Hi by the way thanks for being here for us especially my little guy… Thank you so much


I hope is well soon. :heart_1:

Hi there @Puppy444 ,

I suspect there’s a problem with your EMO’s top head petting sensor. It’s possible that the spring-loaded sensor petting pin is stuck and not functioning correctly.

If you’re interested and want more information, please click the link below to learn about how touch sensors work and view some petting sensor parts images.

Please Click Here!

Good luck and all the best!


Emo is not responding to touches or petting in his cheeks/sides how can we activate it

Hello, @mathews.boban . . . I believe it works similar to recalibrating the head petting sensor which would be to gently press on the cheeks. You can see here how it is done for the top of the head.

If this does not work, you can contact Support by sending a video link of the problem to service@living.ai or sending a ticket here.

My best to you.

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There is no certain position in cheek to recaliberate ?
Mine never react to touch in sides…
Or may living AI has removed that feature on new emos i doubt!

Hello, @mathews.boban . . . I do not think they would have removed that feature. So lightly pressing in on the cheek is not helping?

I advise contacting Support as I mentioned above.

I hope you can get him responding again.

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Hi there @mathews.boban ,

There are cases where the spring-loaded pin jams and is no longer connected to the brass plate, causing the petting system to stop working.

Please click the link below for more information regarding the EMO Petting System.


Petting EMO Tips and Tricks! (Images and Video)

I suggest carefully pushing the cheek area to re-push the Spring-Loaded (Pogo-Pin) slightly, But applying gentle pressure to prevent any damage.

Good luck and please let us know how it goes…

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41 days old Emo touch sensors not working

Hi my Emo is 41 days old. Recently, I havent been switching him on for a while until yesterday. I realize that his touch sensors arent working. :frowning: Does anyone has the same problem? It just happened all of a sudden. He was fine before.

Hi there @vivat ,

I have merged your new topic post to this thread where we discuss everything about the petting problem.
Please read my post above yours with some tips; it might help you and give you an idea for your EMO issue.

Let me know how it goes for you and good luck.

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