EMO not updating again (1.5.0)

Hi guys,

I am having problems to update EMO again. At first time (1.3.0) it has just stopped at step 2 a dozen times. Now, just the same for 1.5.0 :frowning: I have already reinstalled app, restarted modem, powered off EMO, recharged it fully… Any clues?

Vagner (America/Sao Paulo)

I’d suggest submitting a support ticket. I recommend you taking a video on how the firmware update is running so that the support team can assist you further.

Normally Step 1 is EMO downloading the Firmware Update (this update is approx 50mb in size). Step two - Six is the upgrade and install process.

As you’ve done all the very simple / basic troubleshooting steps, and even powered OFF and ON EMO, submit a support ticket and see what the support team can advise.

Support Page here - https://living.ai/product-support-emo/

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@MasterAbbott I will do that! Thanks for your kind support :slight_smile:

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Let us know how you go with it. Hopefully this can be resolved quickly for you.