Emo not understanding commands

emo is not understaning commands

If your pronunciation is okay then there’s an issue either with your WiFi or with their servers.

Hi there @jasonsolt ,

Would you please explain in more detail what the problem is, what you mean, and what command you are using?

You can also create a short video and show it to us here so some well-experienced community members can further give you assistance or w can even call and pass it to the living.ai developer team.

good luck and have a nice day Jason…

i was just seeing some commands since i dont know them all like happy halloween’marry chirstmas etc

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Hey… @jasonsolt ,

All special day commands like what you just mentioned are activated, good, and can be used only before that special day comes…it means at the moment they are deactivated.

All the best Jason…

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Hey I agree. First of all EMO does improve across time. Secondly EMO is never going to be much more than a sophisticated toy. Look at all it can’t do out of the box compared to an Alexa which is 10 times cheaper. Just the fact it does fancy moves doesn’t impress me. In fact, Alexa is a much better example of AI and generally responds quite well. On the other hand, EMO is not much better than those cheap robots you control with a remote. He just doesn’t have any good skills to interreact. He has a very limited supply of response though it has grown slightly. His speech is almost inaudible. (Yes folks I know how to turn up the volume). Next, it can’t even serve as a cheap speaker and stream music. Also, EMO makes all kinds of sounds all night long (i am open to learn how to stop them, i.e. he snores, makes fireworks sounds and other eating sounds. He fails to remember my name despite the fact I have been scanned and voice trained. I currently ordered a Loona robot dog which looks uncannily a lot like EMO in the face. But If I want a toy at least I want one like Loona which is 50 times more versatile then EMO. He’s just not much better than a pet rock