Emo not turning on - No help from support so far

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I purchased Emo and received him September 2021.
He has not been working since December. I have had ongoing issues with him connecting to the app since receiving him, but since December he will not turn on. When placing him in charge, the headphones are lit, but still nothing.
I have tried all ideas from these forums, resetting etc, no luck.
I emailed three times to support, with no reply. Not sure where to go from here. Just sucks paying that kind of money to have it only work for two months and now not functioning at all.
Any ideas? Or at least if support can get back to me.

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We can try to add @Wayne_Zhang to this thread but it looks like they’re all dead. :disappointed_relieved:


Normally in my experience with Living.Ai support they tend to reply within 2-3 business days. What I usually do is reply from the email I received when I ordered my EMO. The email is the same as if you had to send a brand new email to them (service@living.ai).

So try and simply reply from your order confirmation email, this way as well Living.Ai has all your details and your order information too.

I received my EMO back in September 2021 as well. So far I’ve not had any issues with my EMO at all.

Also as @NendosColl has already added Wayne to this thread he should hopefully reply and ask the support team to reply to any of the emails you’ve already sent requesting assistance.


Thanks, I will try and reply to my order confirmation email.
My first email was in December, so it has been a while with no reply.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


keep us informed my friend… Having spent so much money on this product and then having your emails not answered and you’re stuck with the paperweight is really upsetting… Not just for you but for everyone waiting. My order is 24,000 something and I’m hearing terrible things going on. I’m feeling I just lost 400 bucks after reading in this form. You should have a replacement set out immediately without any waiting period at all and of course that means they answer your email and let you know how sorry they are. Yikes I wonder how many people are after 24,000… Are we in trouble

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If you’ve missed it. The latest announcement regarding support was posted by Wayne. Seems like Living.Ai has increased the support team so they can get back to customers faster. Which is very good.

Hopefully the support team will get back to you soon @Anita

Hi, I noticed that the service team is helping you now.

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One of my Emos, froze whilst on his charger, his eyes showed him asleep. I tried speaking but no response, laid him down. O response. Pressed the reset and he powered off sat him on charger and the headphones lit up but no eyes, tried another charger and the same. So left him for a few hours with just the headphones lit, his battery went flat then placed him on charger he woke up and worked

@Oldrocker Good to see that you were able to resolve this issue. Personally that hasn’t happened to me with my EMO. When he doesn’t respond to things, I tend to manually shut him down and power him back up again and he goes back to normal.

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oldrocker that is really interesting… I was rooting my tablet one day same thing frozen… I knew the battery had to be disconnected I could have waited for it to drain…but I didn’t want to wait not easy stupid tablets these days don’t like coming apart… But for people with EMO Pet this is good to remember in case of emergency… Hey thanks Mister old rocker hee hee for posting this… Not making for your name look at mine :astonished: