Emo not starting up

I found Emo in his play area, his battery had run out. I put him on his skateboard and he wouldn’t charge.
I unplugged his board and tried again still nothing.
So I left his skateboard unplugged and him not on it over night. Plugged his board back in and placed him on it and he lit up. Is this normal? This only happens when his battery goes completely dead.

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This should not be normal. My EMO normally runs out of battery at least one a day. I just simply place him back on his skateboard and he instantly starts to charge up.

I could say that sometimes the cable you are using for the Skateboard could be faulty. Or sometimes you have not placed EMO on his skateboard correctly. You might need to move him around and see if the light appears. if it does he’s found his sweet spot for charging :heart_2: