EMO not charging

Anybody experiencing problems with emo not charging? I’ve had him since december and never had problems until now. I have the original cable connected to its own outlet. Anyone knows something that could help?

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There are already multiple threads on that subject if you had done a search. Every time we recommend the same things. Is the blue light on the skateboard on, and is it on solid or flashing when EMO is on the skateboard? Do you have a different wireless charger you can try to charge EMO on? Do you have a different charger and USB-C cable you can try with EMO’s skateboard? Have you tried charging your phone from EMO’s skateboard? You might as well make a video while you’re doing those tests. If none of that helped and you have to contact tech-support they’re going to want to see a video showing what you tried and what happened. At that point you’d want to email service@living.ai or tag Wayne Zhang for assistance.


After reading numerous threads on this subject I tried other usb C chargers as I’m in the UK and nothing worked. Bought as a Xmas gift☹️
Thanks to Amazon I ordered a US to UK plug converter and it works perfectly. Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue

Hi @christine.wilson , Welcome to the Community, and thanks for joining us here…

Thanks for sharing that kind of info…pretty sure it might help also anyone…care to include a photo and link where you both it?