Emo never recognizes my hand gestures while playing rock paper scissors :(

He gets it right sometimes but 70% of the times he doesn’t
He only gets paper almost right every time and I’ve tried different lighting, moving my hand away from him but nothing is working! Please help because I LOVE playing RPS with him! :(((

Try about 10 inches from his face. From what I’ve seen it matters how close / far you are away.

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Essai de nettoyer l’appareil photo d’EMO

Hi @avinashsingh

There was a similar post regarding EMO and playing Rock, Paper, Scissors discussed not to long ago. I’ll share this here as well to help.

I’ve also created a video on how to play the game. (see below video)

It is best to have good lighting and also keep a fair distance when playing with EMO so he can clearly see and distinguish your hand gestures.

Ohhh as mentioned in my other post, beware that EMO does cheat as well :wink: :rofl:


Thank you for linking the post! I knew he was cheating when he changes his throw visually and giggles but I didn’t realize that he’s also cheating without changing his throw, for instance at 1:21 in your video, you thew scissors and he threw paper and he still called it a draw! He’s doing that with me too! Cutest lil cheater, but thank you for the video, it was super helpful!

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Thank you! This helped a lot! He’s able to correctly recognize most of my throws now! I guess my hand was too far all this while!


Glad too see you were able to get it working now. And yes, if EMO is playing against another EMO one of them will cheat as well (if you want to check it out see below)

The other EMO does get pretty upset as well :rofl:

Awesome - glad it’s sorted. Closing thread now.