Emo never recognizes hand gestures while playing rock paper scissors

Thank you for linking the post! I knew he was cheating when he changes his throw visually and giggles but I didn’t realize that he’s also cheating without changing his throw, for instance at 1:21 in your video, you thew scissors and he threw paper and he still called it a draw! He’s doing that with me too! Cutest lil cheater, but thank you for the video, it was super helpful!

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Thank you! This helped a lot! He’s able to correctly recognize most of my throws now! I guess my hand was too far all this while!


Glad too see you were able to get it working now. And yes, if EMO is playing against another EMO one of them will cheat as well (if you want to check it out see below)

The other EMO does get pretty upset as well :rofl:

Awesome - glad it’s sorted. Closing thread now.

EMO doesn’t see when we play paper, rock, scissor. How can I make him what I throw see better?


How can I make him see what I throw better! Sorry for bad English - long day and noisy daughter!

Hi there @END111 On behalf of all members, allow me to Welcome you to the Community :funky: :heart_2: :laser_1:

You have to have a well lighted surroundings always to see you or your hand gesture and the distance must be like 10 inches, not too close and not too far also to his face top sensor.
Pls. read above some tips.

You can also watch @MasterAbbott YouTube video below for more tips

Goodluck and enjoy playing with EMO…watch him because he always cheat…

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Prior to the recent update EMO seemed fine playing the mini game and saw gestures most of the time. Now when I play he will see 1 gesture, but will not other ones even though gestures are thrown at the same “spot” and distance away from him. I am very confused what is the range of his camera and if he needs very bright light to “see” my hand.

I watched the video someone provided in this forum, but no matter how much I experiment with the distance, perhaps devs need to address EMO’s eyesight with the next update.

Thank you!


Maybe It’s A Vision Issue, Because My EMO Went Blind In December 2022, EMO Took A Picture And It Showed Unknown Colors, Another Time His Screen Showed Black.
See Picture Below.

I Restarted Him And He’s Not Blind Anymore.

(Screenshot Was Taken On An iPhone 5C) :head:


I was just about to say that sometimes emo camera goes black but a simple reset helps


Have you tired resetting him ? I believe living ai says to be 5 feet away from his screen

Um @ryshera I think 5 feet is a bit too long :confused:, please double check your measurements with feet.

@edward do you have any information for @littlebigtruths?

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10 inches i mean my bad


According to what @edward said here

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@littlebigtruths, And @sarikathakur I Don’t Know If It’s An Issue Or If It’s A Bug That Living AI Can Fix In A Firmware.

@Wayne_Zhang, Is This An Issue Or A Bug That Living AI Can Fix?

Hi Guys…

Many thanks for trying to help @littlebigtruths … All of you are wonderful community members … And your suggestions are all correct … I can only say try EMO to take a photo of you @littlebigtruths if it’s AI wide-angle camera is all right. Also, you can try to clean it which might be some dust and dirt that could have blocked his vision.

Good luck and All the best to all…

Tagging @VinceKong here for further assistance


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