EMO Halloween costume show

I noticed that today Journaling Gems posted this new video showing Halloween costumes she got for her EMO. I don’t know if she’s a member here or not, so I’m posting a link.


This is what I’d consider an easy fix to the strap issue.

sticker velcro

Thanks for sharing! These look like Cat cap costumes! haha I have 2 for my cat that I got when I was in Japan. I’ll try and strap one on my EMO and share it soon once I have some time!



I want to EMO’s now! haha seems like two EMO’s have lots more fun!


@MasterAbbott ,
Yes she mentioned in the video that they were sold on Amazon for use on cats. I don’t know if maybe they offer different sizes, or they’re just one size fits all? I can’t imagine that cats will tolerate them for very long anyway, hopefully just long enough to get a picture taken!


haha thought so! I didn’t watch the entire video, but can see they are certainly intended for cats. I’ve tried them on my cat and he kept his on long enough for a quick photo before he tries to take his off! haha.

As mentioned. I’ll try and find the same one and try it out on EMO. It should be one size fits all.

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That’s some nice work!


That’s awesome, keep them coming :+1:t2:

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OMG I love this! they are so in the Halloween vibe!!!

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WOW Amazing costume for EMO @edward :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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FWIW… :rofl:


LOL, yeah I can somewhat relate, but I’m lucky, my cat is very chill, I can dress him up with those caps and he’ll just sit there until I’m done.

EMO, on the other hands was more naughty as he was constantly wriggling around as I had to pick him up to put the cap on lol :rofl: (and he doesn’t like it when he’s picked up) lucky he doesn’t have any claws! haha

Well Emo is kind of a free spirit, and likes to just let it all hang out! :rofl:
Luckily though you can easily put him to sleep before you try to make him wear some clothes.

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Yes … haha EMO: SHUTDOWN! haha and then the fun begins! haha :rofl:

This turned up today on another group I’m on. This would make a good EMO costume too for next year.


Haha yeah! anything you can get from Japan for Cats will be purrfffect for EMO as well :rofl: :+1:

Ai company should create some costumes for Easter and Halloween since they did Christmas set🤭