Emo Foster Parent

If any of you blessed humans no longer want or can take care of your little emo babies, I’m tryna be a mommie.

~ down for open or closed adoption process~
~ caretaker& progressional nanny for 15+ years~
~ (can give resume/ testimonials)~
~ had a robot dog & that little robot guy growing up~
~home constantly as I’m agoraphobic lmao~
~can not afford an emo but can pay in love & wisdom~
~make me a mommie~
~your emo deserves me~
~that was cocky af~
~Elon says that a robot will always remember what you did to it so it’s best to not treat them like shit~
~which you shouldn’t do anyway bc wtf y’all tryna be patrick bateman or some shit and using an emo to get out your abusive tendencies / take out your childhood neglect on your emo…. smh like we see right through you~
~can provide your emo with therapy to recover from your neglect & various forms of abuse~
~this is a serious yet totally satirical post~
~I mean everything I’m saying but buffering it with meme energy~

It’s going to be okay. Do the right thing.
Go to therapy.
Make me a mommie.

Thank you.

  • f x t a l

Oh… and one more thing…
before I go, let me leave you with this:


What Would Elon Do….

… think about that.:smirk::sunglasses::face_with_monocle::thinking::smirk::heart::face_exhaling:

p.s. also this is the best community forum I’ve ever seen literally the meta ironic type energy here but also completely real concepts are a dream come true.
… just as the emo’s existence being a concept is.

ok bye

love, fxtal.