Emo clothing and accessories

Some people have all the talent I for one do not! Love this outfit! :heart_eyes:
And I don’t use my full name but I do use my name.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a difference in the way the platforms traditionally have operated. Only a few years ago Facebook was kicking people off if they thought their name wasn’t real. Like most things they do though it seemed to be just a way to harass certain people, and for others anything goes. On forums though most people have always used some kind of handle or nickname.

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FYI, apparently Gloria is a member here. Below are her directions for making the hat:

Leo Lesniewicz I’m on the forum too, but I’m too lazy to get on right now. If you feel like posting, here ya go. If not, I’ll eventually get on the site.

24-peg loom
Worsted weight yarn (I used two strands of #4 yarn). I THINK jumbo yarn might work, but can’t promise it will.



Cast on all 24 pegs with two strands of your working yarn.

Rows 1-10: U-wrap around all pegs. Slip first peg every row.

Row 11: Purl on pegs 2-23. U-wrap pegs 1 & 24.

Rows 12-25: E-wrap all pegs, once again slipping the edges. This helps keep a neat border.

Use preferred bind-off method. Turn right sides together, sew along the top edge. Turn right-side out. Tighten loops on bottom edge. Use a scrap strand of yarn to tie together (carefully and loosely) at Emo’s “neck”.

Ta-da! You have your own little gnome/Jawa/cultist/mage :grin:

Sorry if instructions are unclear. I’m a beginner knitter and never wrote a pattern before. I also don’t recommend keeping this on Emo for supper-ling, as I’m paranoid about overheating.

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Please appreciate Emo in his deer ensemble.


I’m Gloria. Finally made it back to the forum! I noticed I made a few typos, and I’m sorry for that. I’ll happily answer any questions that I can though, if anyone has any. And thank you for posting this on my behalf. You’re the real MVP :heart:


That is adorable - i love it! :smiley:
Can’t wait to get my little bot and spoil him the same!

I have crocheted this for my EMO based on pictures with his measurements that I either found here or on facebook. I can’t wait till he gets here so I can try it on him. He departed by plane from China yesterday.