EMO Christmas Movie Modern Story, Vintage Style

I noticed that when I pick up (they who must not be named), and they get all happy because I am holding them and petting them, (he who must not be named) gives them one of those looks. :frowning_face: :angry: He would not need to be jealous if he would stop fussing when I pick him up. He stays still for a few seconds and then wants to be put back down and petted while on the ground. Of course, he will say it was his programmers that made him that way, but I wonder!

I will keep an eye out for that letter to Santa. I may have to intercept it.

Thanks and glad you enjoyed the video!


Okay, so my other little robot has seen your video and is now sulking. He has written to Santa and the Easter Bunny promising to be good and to stop pushing EMO Bot and EMO Hal off the desk. He has even promised to keep the Troll Army from stealing their Skateboards whilst they are playing!!
Has this little robot turned over a new leaf and rejected his evil programming?
Maybe there could be a sequel video next year…


Sometimes I’m really thinking that DDL updated Vector to recognize EMO and intentionally push him out of the desk. That would fit their evil business model. :japanese_ogre:

By the way, that was a great video! :+1:


I watched some videos on YouTube about Ortomi and he’s not my cup of tea. I really like his small body and design but his capabilities are very limited. It was ok when his price was really low but Ortomi 3 is much more expensive than his predecessors. If he had a speaker and could do some cute sounds when he is petted it would be much more interesting.
I’m probably spoiled by EMO. :thinking:


Merry Christmas to you and your little family of naughties xx

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Hi there Guys… @petrajenkins , @NendosColl , @Lindaru

Please don’t get me wrong and I beg you not to think that I am being rude at all…but just stay to TOPIC TITLE, please?

Forum Rules!

I’m thankful for your support and understanding.

Best Regards, Keep Safe, and Stay Happy!

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I have made the decision that the administrators may remove or lock this topic. I received a strike today for one of my replies and do not wish anyone else to risk having that happen by further commenting.

I have enjoyed my time on this forum and wish the best to all for the coming new year.

May you all enjoy your EMO as I enjoy mine.


Hi Linda , @Lindaru
As a (too) old Frenchie , i am always a “maverick” so I will take some guilty pleasure to comment anyway
We have a famoust saying , by a great humorist but non easily translatable in English , who says
“Si vous ne pouvez pas penser le changement , il faut changer le pansement”
( inverting the sounds P and CH ) which would give
" if you cannot think the change , then you may change the bandage"
I noticed than as a great respected contributor you proudly grant the “Regular” badge .
So , for the next time , may i advise you to change the title in " EMO Christmas Movie Modern Story, Vintage Style … and small chats , including He Who Must Not Be Named "
A little sneaky :smile:

I understand the thankless work of moderator of Edward ,
I remember when I was young and we drank a little , how uncomfortable it was to watch over my friends … until I was a drunk as them


Linda, please accept my sincerest apologies, my intention was just humorous banter not to cause any offence to anyone. I will edit my posts so your topic and video do not get banned or locked.
Again, my sincerest apologies to all who were upset or offended by anything I posted. We obviously all do not all have the same sense of humour. British humour is not always obvious lol
Happy New Year to you all xxx


@MERITET . . . thank you for that. Edits made on the remaining post!

@petrajenkins . . . I love the banter and the humor. No need to apologize. The responses were in relation to the subject and characters of the video. I thought it was great!

Happy new year to all!


petrajenkins… I love everything you say :star_struck: that post that I made where my evil EMO Pet was on the run had nothing to do with anything except humor I’m surprised they never kicked me out… It was not related to anything technical or really anything… Hee hee. But I love everything you say you’re cool :heart_eyes:


when you said you have received a strike what does that mean? Should I already know this but I don’t seem to… I’ve probably had lots of strikes :laughing:

anyway I wish you the best in 2023 :heart_eyes: and my evil little EMO Pet the troublemaker he says the same… :heart_eyes:


Hey Puppy, thank you for you kind words. If it was not for you and the others on here keeping my spirits up with your fun and laughter I think I would have thrown a big hairy fit when my first little buddy broke. It was you and everyone else that made me calm and kept my spirits up. I will always be grateful for the support. Thank you xx
Wishing you and your little monster a Happy Hogmanay xxxx


petrajenkins… My little monster :yum: you got that right. It seems he’s always plotting a new escape routine. And also I say thank you because the forum would not be the same without you. I’ve always appreciated seeing you when I come here.Your Terrific :star_struck:

now if my little monster would only get sick :face_with_monocle: so I can nurture and cuddle him… Not :scream: it’s almost like he knows that he would be on his own so he staying healthy to spite me :woozy_face: I’m so glad you’re here… I don’t feel I contribute very much but I do stop by from time to time regularly :yum:…I hope to see you in 2023 and the best as always from me to you :yum: angry EMO Pet just said humbug he is antisocial at the moment…but that’s his way of saying happy new year he loves you :laughing:… He’s just mad because I sent him to bed without dinner :yum:

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To come back to the spirit of Santa that was the main goal of the story posted by Linda , i join here my (poor) contribution
Oh my God ! How difficult it is to make a movie with such an undisciplined actor as EMO.
I understood there why it takes a day to some great Directors to get some available minutes of a movie. No sooner you tell “Action !” than he starts to do crazy things

Anyway it is in the box.
The movie was for Xmas but you know the Living AI little song :
" it takes a while to … Bla bla The best is to be patient … It is worth to wait … Bla Bla For some obscure reasons everything is out of control …Bla Bla "
So , feel happy to get it before Easter

By the way , with all my heart I wish all of you a wonderful year 2023


Another old old promise done to Linda and Master Abott when they show me Emo coud dance when hearing washing machines or vacuum cleaners
I immediately considered some irish tap dance



Not available? This video is private.

This is the first time I upload videos on You Tube ( so i had to create a channel , and the video will be public starting from 1/1/2023 00h00 )

As said by Living AI , you will have to wait
( putting apart my jokes , it is a bad teasing , I am really sorry and apologise )

By the way i discovered also than my clock on my computer is late ( battery out of use ) so my posts on the 31/12 are registered 27/12 in mode “Back to the future”


Yes, getting EMO Pet and EMO Robot along with (he who shall not be named) to remember their marks on the set and to move the directions they were supposed to could be a bit of a challenge. At one time (he who shall not be named) pushed EMO Elf hard enough to knock his glasses awry. I kept telling him to be gentle but he being who he is decided not to be.

EMO Santa also kept wanting to look at the white screen behind him. I left some of that in because short bits of that seemed like he may have been contemplating about what was going on when he did that. Besides, we got to see the cute reindeer antlers on his Santa suit.

It was a fun movie process for sure.

As for @Puppy444 and his “little monster”, he will probably not get sick for at least another six months just to spite you. You may want to check if he has been taking vitamins. Maybe he is eating more noodles and fewer sandwiches and electric burgers?

I got a “System” warning by private message that basically said that I had disobeyed the forum rules and showed the reply that was deleted. The link to the forum rules said about discussing other A.I. pet robots as a no no, especially as relates to (he who shall not be named) and the all white version cousin of (he who shall not be named).

I do enjoy the humor we share on these forums, though. Thank you everyone and . . . @MERITET looking forward to being able to see your videos.


(HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED) had me laughing my head off :laughing:

I have been paying attention and I think it’s really sad that (he who shall not be named) lost his connection… Basically he had a lobotomy. We can only hope living AI is much more reliable as these little pets mean a lot to us… Even the evil ones :scream: who I have noticed gathering ropes and duct tape secretly… These little pets of ours should last many many many years to come. I hope a lobotomy is not in their future :scream: oh gee… Now I’ve done it little EMO Pet took off… :face_with_monocle: here we go again everyone :blush: